Alcàsser sports centre (Valencia, Spain)

A different leisure space

We created a Splashpark space for the Alcàsser Sports Centre, seeking a family leisure space that would provide a distinctive form of fun for families and the youngest children. This project arose from the transformation of a splash pool into an accessible family leisure space with interactive games; its area is more than 110 m2.

It is a customised shallow water park that is highly reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with a little house (iBaby), a boat and various themed elements.

Moreover, an arc of water is sprayed throughout the space, various turtles that throw water and floor outlets. Each element creates a height and expels the water differently. Two lampposts, with buckets of water instead of lamps, create little gentle waterfalls every so often that catch children’s eye.

The Splashpark is customised on top of arranging game elements with the colours of the pavement.

The Council opted for a shallow water park, a leisure model that is different from the conventional swimming pool that guarantees greater safety for families, since it prevents drowning and related risks.

This Splashpark has a rubber safety floor that increases the user’s safety and well-being while enjoying the game. It is a cushioning solution that is pleasant to the touch, which is non-slip when wet and which prevents the appearance of bacteria due to moisture. This water park has its own hydraulic and purification system that recirculates the water every 30 minutes, thus guaranteeing that it is high-quality and healthy.



From 2 to 11 years old




Different play elements