Oh!tels Villa Dorada (Tarragona, Spain)

The game with and without water

At Oh!tels Villa Dorada they sought to create areas aimed at children, always with a family space where the parents could be with their children spending time together. Moreover, they needed to create leisure solutions that were adaptable to the space they had, an uncommon space.

With them we worked in two areas: a Splashpark in the relaxation and bathing area; and a children’s playground in an open-air space next to the children’s mini club, to complement the outside game.

The shallow water park retained the marine aesthetic created for the chain’s leisure areas and was integrated into a larger bathing and relaxation area for children. The playground was made up of individual play elements, and shapes on the ground that created a path and a balance challenge.


Children's playground


From 3 to 8 years old


Different play elements