Oh!tels San Salvador (Tarragona, Spain)

Fun from park to water

Oh!tels San Salvador is one of the hotels the chain decided to refurbish to add family leisure spaces that would reaffirm its commitment to this tourist market. Oh!tels water parks all share the same essence, which gives the chain its identity, while each project has elements that make it unique.

For this hotel, a heterogeneous space was created that combined play in water and on dry land, with a space that went from a playground to a shallow water park that became a splash pool.

The water park’s activator stands out; it’s an element to save on consumption and to increase the lifespan of the installation itself. When pressed, this activator starts the Splashpark games, and ensures it only operates while someone is enjoying it. This reduces energy consumption, loss of water, and it reduces the use of the elements in the installation when it is not necessary.

Splashpark. A shallow water park with a Mediterranean theme, following the style line we created for Oh!tels. In fact, it is a distinctive solution that combines a shallow area with a splash pool, which are continuous with one another. The whole space contains play elements such as boats, palm trees and cannon. Movement and interaction games.

Playground. The playground is a few metres from the water park. A natural environment, a forest through which children can climb, slide, overcome balance challenges, imagining their own adventures. A line made of wood, with decorative panels, a large central structure and games surrounding it.

This whole area leaves room for hammocks and the relaxation for parents, who are near their children during the game.


Children's playground

Swimming pool water games


From 2 to 9 years old




Different play elements