Wave ball

Wave ball

A sea in your
swimming pool






We bring the sensations of the sea without leaving the pool

Children and adults will be able to invent games and challenges while floating on the waves.

Wave ball

We offer a different and innovative system to create a wave pool reducing installation and maintenance costs compared to the traditional turbine system.

The Wave Ball floats in the water controlled by an automatic controller and can generate artificial waves in a controlled way and without risks.

Energise the swimming pool with different forms of play.

An attraction that adapts to all ages.

Low energy consumption.

Reduces 50% costs ompared to a turbine Wave Ball system.

Less investment and less maintenance required.

Why a Wave Ball

Innovative Customisation
A product that was initially created for training professionals is now converted for the enjoyment of families, improving the offer on the market.

The different powers and speeds of the waves permits each age group and the whole family to enjoy it to the fullest.

Turns a swimming pool into an attraction; a challenging and energetic space with different leisure activities in the same space.

It allows you to combine leisure with sports activities such as paddle surfing or swimming.

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