Oh!tels Les Oliveres (Tarragona, Spain)

Ziplines over the water

As we told you, the Oh!tels chain sought to create water parks for several of their hotels such that they has the same essence while all remaining distinct.

When we learnt of the needs and swimming pools at Oh!tels Les Oliveres, one of their hotels at Tarragona, we proposed that they convert their swimming pool into a park with zip lines and bridges over the water, to entertain both children and those who are no longer quite children. Moreover, to create a Splashpark area, so that the smallest children have their fun space as a family with games and water outlet.

The zip line is a handle which you hold and throw yourself over the length of the pool until you fall in. On the bridges, the challenge is different, to jump from step to step without falling into the water, with help of an overhead net, until you reach the other end. 3 metres long: balance is essential.

The Splashpark consists of elements with water gently falling from height, imitating bamboo, and other, lower elements such as floor jets at different heights for all children.



From 5 to 12 years old


Different play elements