New Project: Occidental Jandía Mar Hotel (Fuerteventura)

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We present Barcy Water Park, the new water park at the Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar Hotel, located on the island of Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias. This project reinforces our commitment to offering a comprehensive leisure experience for the whole family, collaborating with group hotels to create fun and entertainment spaces.

These types of children and family leisure projects are essential for hotels, as they not only attract a larger number of visitors but also enrich the guest experience, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. Additionally, they contribute to the differentiation of the hotel in a competitive market, offering added value that turns every stay into a memorable adventure for the whole family.

Barcy Water Park guarantees fun for all hotel visitors, from the youngest to adults. This water park has been designed to provide endless entertainment, with facilities that offer a variety of activities for all ages and water heating, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

Park Facilities

Splash Park

The Splash Park is a shallow water play area. Suitable for children aged 0 to 5, it encourages manipulation, precise play, stimulates imagination, and promotes active play in a safe environment.



In Sotavento, children can enjoy a series of slides specifically designed for their size and age. Each slide offers unique twists and turns, providing a variety of thrills with each slide.

La Goleta

A safe and exciting space for the little ones. This pirate ship features a slide, water jets, and games in a shallow pool, ensuring fun and safety.



Located seven meters high, the Trio of Slides offers three distinct experiences:

Kamikaze Slide: For extreme acceleration.
Wide Slide: Perfect for sliding with friends.
Bodyslide: A long, winding course.


Each slide ends in a hydro-braking track, ensuring a safe arrival.

The Bubble

The ultimate challenge of Barcy Water Park is The Bubble. With a diameter of 5.50 meters, this attraction invites visitors of all ages to jump, climb, and slide to reach the top, promising fun and challenge in equal measure.


Strategic Value of the Project

In a highly competitive market, this type of facility significantly contributes to segmentation and specialization by types of audience in a large hotel (1,200 rooms) like the Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar, offering a unique added value to families while leaving the rest of the hotel’s pools to a more adult profile of guests.


Additionally, the strategic value of an investment of this nature is highly significant for numerous reasons. Learn about them in detail:

  1. Increased Occupancy and Profitability: The presence of a water park like Barcy Water Park translates to a greater attraction for families seeking entertainment options for their children. This can increase occupancy throughout the year and, consequently, improve the hotel’s profitability.
  2. Guest Loyalty: By providing unique and memorable experiences, guests are more likely to return. A well-designed and managed water park can be a key factor in repeat booking decisions, thus increasing the loyalty rate.
  3. Positive Word-of-Mouth and Reputation: Satisfied guests often share their positive experiences, both verbally and through online reviews and social media. This positive word-of-mouth strengthens the hotel’s reputation and can attract new potential customers.
  4. Longer Stays: Families tend to extend their stay when they have access to various activities and entertainment within the hotel.
  5. Additional Revenue: Leisure facilities like Barcy Water Park can generate additional revenue through ticket sales if the client decides to open it to the general public.

Inclusive and Adapted Design

Barcy Water Park has been designed to ensure the fun of all hotel visitors, from the youngest to adults, with facilities that offer a variety of activities for all ages and water heating that ensures comfort throughout the year. This inclusive and adapted approach reinforces our commitment to excellence in the guest experience.

Likewise, Barcy Water Park represents a strategic investment in the near future of the hotel, creating an environment where families can enjoy unforgettable moments that will attract new customers and reinforce the loyalty of existing ones, in addition to the hotel’s reputation.