H10 Tindaya (Fuerteventura, Spain)

The marine world at H10 Tindaya

The aim of H10 Tindaya was to convert part of an area used for sports into a multi-generational water leisure space, which would bring together families and children of all ages.

We designed a Splashpark for them, a shallow water park, inspired by an island, its sea and its coast. A space broken down by the games into various age groups. From the youngest children to young people and adults, the games that make up the Splashpark increase in size and water flow rate.

Thus, the sea is a space with floor jets that gently reach a medium height, where the youngest children can interact with the water and discover the water’s reactions: for example, if they cover one outlet, they’ll see that the force at the rest of them increases.

Reaching the shore, they begin to find larger games and a greater water flow. Until they reach the beach and the interior of the island, which has large game elements, more water outlets and a large bucket that pours water over the Splashpark.

The installation has a water park activator, which the user presses to start the games. This allows you to save on consumption while nobody is enjoying the Splashpark and to reduce unnecessary use of the park’s games. An element that helps with the environmental sustainability of the water park.