Our company

Our company

Who we are

By creating spaces
we design relationships.

We take on the challenge of innovating with Differential Projects

We seek a fresh and unique result that responds to each brand’s expectations, in each place, where families can enjoy recreational leisure and a positive experience.

We work together with our clients with freshness and enthusiasm, aiming to find the greatest recreational worth in every detail, enjoying the search until we achieve the best results.

We are driven by children and play

Because play is the universal language of every healthy and creative childhood.

We want to guarantee the right to play with projects based on Concepts, so that learning and fun generate the best family memories.

Isaba culture


We believe in doing business differently, in a more humane manner. We searched for a passionate team to do our part to create healthier societies whilst playing. For this we need to be agile, promote continuous team learning and innovation as a transversal element.

We honour our past and we base what we do on the values ​​that have remained in Isaba since the very beginning with Xabi Amatria and Miren Jiménez at the helm. We reinvent our business model, but we always maintain our essence.


We’re different, we know it and we love it! We’re different because we not only say or write our values ​​or mission, but we actually believe them and we REALLY apply them. We impregnate each part of our business model, we develop specific tools for it, we go beyond the established models.

Our values

We work and believe in integrity because it’s what makes us coherent… in what we think, say and do.

We work humanely, because it’s what makes us empathise with each other and with our surroundings.

We work with humility in mind, because it’s what tells us where we should improve.

We work passionately, because it’s what makes us drives us with enthusiasm to continuing creating.

We work as a team, because we like to create with diversity.

We work in our culture, because that’s what makes us unique.


We focus on high performance as a team and for this the first step is to work according to our values. Mistakes are an important part of our learning process, we learn from them, we observe and analyse them, and we put into practice our agility to transform these mistakes into intelligent solutions. In this way, our talent and the way we manage it becomes our main added value.

Our culture is what allows us to be a responsive, fast and focused organisation. That’s why we have the ability to quickly adapt to external changes. We do business in a radically disruptive way.

Our history

“The recognition of the ISABA brand shouldn’t come from what we do, but for what we are: a Team and a Soul.”

Miren Jiménez


Wood, the always noble wood, was our first product and it wasn’t accidental.


Self improvement.
Entrepreneurship is almost a way of living and doing it optimistically, comes naturally. First as a family, and then through the exciting leadership of our CEO.


We enter a new millennium with the dream of continuing to carry out projects with a soul, inspired by the importance of playing games.


And then came water, an essential resource for life and, again, nature helped us grow.


It’s not just about production, but about devising universes that differentiate us by the value that we give to play.


We respond to increasingly global projects and in favour of customisation, customer experience and internationalisation.


Cultural transformation. The beginning of a management model and team culture that identifies us.


Our challenge today is to combine the worth of a highly qualified professional team with the nature of a family business that seeks to preserve its essence.

Isaba Facts


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Our commitment

Sustainability. Caring for the future

Games Activator
• Savings in water and energy


Water Controller
• Programmed usage
• Sequencing

ISABA connects
• Avoids transportation emissions during maintenance.
• Remote control and programming capability.

Variable frequency drive
• Energy saving


• Hydraulic efficiency



• Energy efficiency



• Energy efficiency
• Hydraulic efficiency


Isaba recycles
• Manufacturing and construction waste, recycled


Proximity of suppliers
• Distribution less than

60 km