Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulum (México)

Zamá Fun Area, a Comprehensive Project for Grand Tulum Bahía Príncipe

When we create spaces based on concepts, it produces a magical place. That’s Origen, the new concept that Bahia Principe Grand Tulum is launching, inspired by the nature, roots and origins of Mayan culture.

With them, we designed Zamá, a Mayan leisure space full of elements that evoke everything Origen represents.

Aquatic leisure area

Zamá has an aquatic leisure area, consisting of a Waterpark in which children will discover through water ancient Mayan ruins watched over by two large masks.

And the Splash Leaf, a little corner, symbol of nature, for the youngest children to enjoy and experience in a space where water is the star.

A Cenote to explore

A water jet river borders the Zamá jungle, calling you to adventure. To enter Tulum is also to discover its lands, caves and the underground rivers that run through them.

A space for flora and fauna where you’ll discover the mysteries of Zamá through play and water and all their forms.

An adventure jungle

Slides, zip lines, bridges and platforms make up this universe of adventures in the children’s park area. In the Zamá jungle the youngest children will discover the value of culture through play, archaeology, exploration and curiosity.

The Mexican iguana

The iguana is one of the most representative and iconic species in the history of Tulum.

When we go deeper into the Zamá jungle, we find the imposing iguana guarding the area. Children must prove their bravery to climb up it and become authentic explorers.

Water park


Children's playground


From 0 to 15 years old




Different play elements