Oh!tels Carabela (Huelva, Spain)

The calavera park

The chain’s hotel in Huelva, Oh!tels Carabela, is located in the beach area of Matalascañas. There, they wished to incorporate into the resort a good range of leisure options that would reach all ages: from children to adults.

They wished to retain the established aesthetic for the rest of the Oh!tels water park project, but with something completely different that would surprise families, even if they already knew other hotels in the chain.

Hence, we designed an aquatic park divided into two swimming pools. In the first, which is shallow, we created the Calavera water park. A large pirate’s skull guarding a treasure within: fun.

On the other hand, we created a large slide tower: up to 8 metres high, which fall into an adult swimming pool.

Slides aimed at older children and up, and which has become the most striking aspect of the hotel.

he Calavera water park is a structure at a height that represents a rather distinctive pirate boat. With a helm, cannon and even its own flag, each element is in the form of a game. From the park, and to return to the water, two slides adapted for the ages at which the park is aimed descend from the basins. It is aimed at children aged 5 to 9 years.

Water slides. A set of three completely different slides, both aesthetically and by type. A straight, open slide, in green colours. An open double slide to slide down accompanied by another person and in a variety of positions, completely white. An open, curved slide, with turns to the right and left, to generate more of a sensation of speed and pump the adrenaline. Those aged 8 years and up can slide down these.

Water park

Water slides


From 5 to 12 years old


Different play elements