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They are ideal spaces for the younger ones to develop their imagination and abilities.

What is a Splashpark

It is a water play area on a surface without depth, which guarantees safe and fun playing. An interactive leisure space conceived for fun – for young and old.

A space that combines water games for all your client’s ages.

Greater interaction with games and water.

It is a completely safe space for your users.

You can control the installation remotely from your mobile.

Easier to maintain than other water park solutions.

Why a Splashpark

Being a zero depth area allows the little ones to have fun in a totally safe way..

Integration and accessibility
We bring play to everyone, eliminating barriers and making it accessible to people with different abilities.

For all ages
By combining different play elements, we configure spaces that will attract different age groups to play.

Water gives us life, that’s why we take care of it. With our systems we achieve lower consumption by recirculating almost 100% of the water.

Designs with atypical, sinuous shapes, that surprise us in their creativity, arising from their own universes, known or unknown, to gain prominence and facilitate fun.

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