Abora by Lopesan, water and multi-adventure park

Bespoke leisure line for Abora by Lopesan

Abora by Lopesan emerged as a new line of family hotels, and for their brand they needed to create a children’s leisure line that would make itself felt in all of Abora’s hotels.

For them, we created an aesthetic line of their own, according to a concept of nature, and with differentiated leisure solutions.

The first projects were installed at its Catarina, Buenaventura and Interclub Atlantic hotels.

Various Splashpark areas have been created in which we play with the colour and shapes of the floor, to make a space full of water elements and floor jets that the youngest children find striking.

Multi-adventure spaces with no end of game elements, covering all ages. From 6 to 18 years. Balance parks, jumping elements, hills to climb, slides and a playground in which children can imagine climbing up to the treetops.

It is complemented by several elements for the elderly, with adventure structures and calisthenics.


Children's playground


From 3 to 12 years old






Different play elements