Hotel The Luxury Collection by Marriot (Cyprus)

Isaba's pirate ship runs aground at a luxury resort

The Luxury Collection hotel of the Starwood chain in Cyprus looks to pirates to entertain its youngest visitors. At Isaba we created for them a water leisure space featuring a large two-level Galleon, which the children will climb up to discover the water games it has inside it and go down its three slides towards the pool. Around the ship, the fun doesn’t stop, with other customised water games with pirates, animals and vegetation. A 157 m2 project with a ship that is more than 11 metres long.

The Galleon is an 11 metre-long ship that contains within it two levels. The children reach the inside of it through the stairs replete with water sprinklers. Once inside, they will discover games such as cannon, a helm and more jets of water, and find out how they work. Two tall masts let water fall, creating a curtain reminiscent of the effect of rain.

From the ship they will go down to the pool through three long slides. each of which is different. An open slide. a tube slide and, the most exciting of all, a spiral tube slide. Since it is a shallow pool, they have a final hydra braking system that reduces the child’s speed so that it stops before reaching the pool.

The fun doesn’t stop outside the boat. The pirates have gone out to explore the area and the children can find them. One of them forms a water dome and the other has a jet of water on each arm, besides forming a water carling under their legs.

Two tall elements like a flamingo, which is in fact a bucket of water that falls to the pool and a tree that allows water to fall throughout its treetop.

Water park

Swimming pool water games