Moralzarzal council

The first splashpark in Madrid

Moralzarzal has become the only municipality in the entire Region of Madrid with a Splashpark.

The town wanted for a leisure space with water for the summer months. Especially for children. Its swimming pool in the sports centre was the only option to cool down in summer, but it forced adults and children to be together; besides, it was not a suitable space for the youngest children.

In the open air they had extensive natural land, the perfect place to build a shallow water park aesthetically integrated into the surroundings of the sierra and set up for all age groups to play.

A coexistence with nature that we reaffirm with a sustainably water quality system, in line with hydraulic efficiency criteria, energy saving and measures for responsible use.

We designed an almost 300 m2 action, in a space with organic shapes, which helped us to establish three areas with a different game: one for the smallest children, another, family area and, lastly, a more youth-oriented one.

The game elements and water attractions were customised to recreate the fauna and vegetation of the Madrid sierra. It includes in the large water bucket, the most striking thing in the park, the town’s coat of arms. A water park that is thus integrated into the environment, the geography and the identity of Moralzarzal.

Game activator

The fun doesn’t start until you press the activator, a system that causes water to beginning flowing out of the games and which ensures that the installation does not consume resources if there is nobody there to enjoy it.

A sign of being responsible with the environment.

Areas by ages

Children’s: a space for children from the age of one year, where the standout game is Flow Garden. A flower garden, water lilies and moving leaves, which allow children to control the flow of the water, how it flows out of the leaves and with which it has to be constantly interacting. Around them is a mini slide; and a great variety of floor jets, each with a different effect, so that the children learn to treat the water as an element.

Family: a space where families can be in the game with their children, in such a way that it is comfortable for them and where they will have to help each other. We achieved this with tall elements, with gentle falls, crossed water cannon, and more.

Young people’s: the young people’s area is notable for the water bucket, which pours 180 litres of water every few minutes. To reach it there is a large tunnel with water arches and powerful jets from the floor which will surprise you as they pass.


This Splashpark has many of its elements as sequenced games, such that the water flowing out of them creates a choreography.

This ensures the children move around the entire game area, it causes expectation and surprise.