Mungia public pool (Biscay, Spain)

They are commited to leisure to revitalise the swimming pools

Mungia was going to undergo the necessary refurbishment and upgrade to its swimming pools, and its main aim was to create a space that catered for children, young people and adults.

Therefore, we developed for them a project divided into three areas: a shallow one for the youngest children; a Water park for children; and slides for teenagers and adults.

The Splashpark, a shallow water park, has jets of water, cannon and other water games where the youngest children can experiment with water for the first time. In that space with its 100 m2 of game area we also include River Sense, an element that recreates the tributaries of a river descending from a waterfall, where the youngest children interact with the water and the water mills and other games.

The Water park, which is installed in a shallow pool, is the largest and most customised element. It recreates a Baserri: a type of house found in the north of Spain, mainly in the Basque Country and Navarre.

To complement this leisure option, the last area has four slides with different runs that offer an extra adrenaline rush and which lead to the deepest pool.

Thus, we managed to create a project based on the needs of the Council and the municipality:
– Distinctive leisure pools, which attract users to the installation.
– A project that identifies the municipality and its culture.
– Games and fun adapted to all ages.

Water park


Water slides


From 2 to 18 years old




Different play elements