Different Solutions, for different spaces

Children play spaces
are not just any place
in the lives of the
little ones

In each Project we take care of both the material and the emotional sphere: the spaces and environments, design, image, amenities and equipment; content, values, relationship dynamics, social interaction, emotions and feelings.

With our own style that differentiates us and that we have developed for over 30 years, by embracing child and family tourism that demands services with quality leisure, education and health.

Our solutions

Comprehensive Performance

Water parks


The Bubble

Children's Playground

Swimming pool water games

Water slides

Wave ball


How we carry out our projects

We like to design spaces with original products that are different from the rest. Designs with atypical, sinuous shapes, that surprise us in their creativity, arising from their own universes, known or unknown, to gain prominence and facilitate fun.

Innovating at every step, with enthusiasm, being at the forefront in technology and sustainability.

Customising services and final compositions for each client.

Paying importance to advice and consultations in each project..

Integrating the best project solutions from a creative and intelligent point of view.

Adding value to the play experience and the person, because the ultimate goal is to enjoy.

Accompanying the client during the process, because designing a space is designing a relationship.