Safety and quality as the basis of everything we do


When we talk about play we’re talking about something that is very serious, so safety is one of our greatest commitments.

Although there are currently no mandatory regulations, we always design, manufacture and install equipment according to the following regulations:

EN 1176 Equipping of Play Areas and Surfaces:
Guarantees safety in play areas and encourages valuable activities for children.

EN 13451 Equipping of Swimming Pools:
Defines the safety requirements that play elements in swimming pools must have.

EN 1069 Water Slides:
Guarantees the safety in the design of water slides in public swimming pools.

EN 1177 Play Area Surface:
Specifies the methods for measuring impact absorbing surfaces.

Class III Slip resistance certificate for Water Play Area Surfaces.
Safety aspects to limit the risk of slipping.

Materials and technologies that make up the play elements

We always manufacture using the best quality materials and the latest technologies. Always searching for innovation and sustainability, which in turn allows us to manufacture high quality products with a low environmental impact.

Stainless steel

We manufacture our play sets in high quality AISI-304 stainless steel with a specific paint coating resistant to external aggressions.


To achieve a high degree of customisation, resistance and durability, we produce our panels in high-density Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and Polyethylene (PEDH) with our Shape Monitoring technology, achieving a friendly finish that guarantees greater safety.


Wood is a pleasant and noble material, whose properties give it a high mechanical resistance and durability to climatic conditions, providing the best finish to integrate into natural spaces and gardens.

It allows us to apply the circular economy since it is a 100% recyclable material, thus fulfilling our commitment to sustainability. In addition, all the wood we use comes from companies that have a Sustainable Forest Management certification to guarantee that its origin and treatment comply with environmental safety aspects.

RGF Fiberglass

Elements such as slides or decorative structures are made of fiberglass strategically interlaced and bonded with polyester resin to provide greater rigidity.

Splashground Surfacing

Waterproof safety flooring based on EPDM rubber with natural additives and a polymer that furthermore is respectful with the environment. We form a continuous, flexible and seamless layer which makes for a flooring that is friendly to play on and highly resistive.

Isaba Rust-Free type nozzles

Our nozzles do not rust. Made of polyacetal, a technical polymer with high resistance and durability, that prevents corrosion and facilitates cleaning.

Vandalproof system

Our hardware is coated with anti-seize treatment and a special anti-vandal finish in order to avoid any type of accident or tampering.

Our nozzles also have vandal resistant systems that prevent them being damaged or removed.

Isaba Smooth Play type foot protectors

We protect against possible accidents or impacts by covering the base of our games with Smooth Play protectors. Designed for cushioning bare feet and made of soft touch elastomer.

Isaba Easy handling

Curve technology for games, created and developed by our team of designers. It allows a 360º rotation angle, also limiting the splash angle to 100º preventing splashing in unwanted areas.

Water quality systems

Our Water Quality System is specifically designed to guarantee the best water management in our projects.

Our system recycles approximately 93% of the water used, we eliminate waste and guarantee the safety of users. Furthermore, we manage to improve efficiency by optimising consumption and reducing energy consumption.


At Isaba, working together with different entities is essential to continue improving and certifying our good practices. That is why we have the following certifications and collaborations.

ISO 14001 Certification in Environmental Management Systems
It guarantees our commitment to protecting the environment through the management of environmental risks.

ISO 9001 Certification in Quality Management Systems
It guarantees efficiency in the management of our systems, processes and resources.

Resistance tests of anchors of items installed, carried out by the AIDIMME technological institute to assess the level of resistance to different types of forces.

CE marking of our Water Quality System equipment. It guarantees compliance with all applicable regulations within the European Union.

Working with AITEX for the development and improvement of materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

An investment in an aquatic leisure project is always profitable according to our experience and that of our clients, even though it varies depending on many factors.

We must consider the needs and business model, the objective of the project, the target, etc. But it is true that doing this type of investment always brings benefits.

Moreover, these benefits are appreciated both in loyalty as in attracting new users, as well as in our client’s brand positioning.

Yes, we provide specific financing for our clients, adapting the different options according to the project and needs. To this end, we work with different financial institutions. We are innovating in this area to offer all possible facilities.

Our clients can choose the advantages of Renting, and thus enjoy the comfort of creating a leisure project without having to mobilise a large amount of resources. The renting fee is 100% deductible, so you can easily deduct payments on your return.

We also offer the option of a 0% interest loan, so our clients can finance their leisure project without interest, and pay it conveniently month by month as the investment made is profitable.

Yes of course you can. Building turnkey projects is one of our main focuses since they allow the client to put their trust in a single company thus experiencing the process in an easier and more comfortable manner.

For this we have a large multidisciplinary team of professionals in different specialist areas in each phase of the project, which is something fundamental throughout the process. And, of course, we have an excellent network of collaborators at a national and international level.

All our projects and products have warranty periods that can vary according to the materials used in each play area.

The maintenance of the elements is very important in this aspect. A correct maintenance of the play area, always following our indications as manufacturers and installers, will condition the applications of the guarantees offered to our customers.

It is important to remember that all our materials are of high quality and resistance. They are certified and tested both by us and by different organizations, which allows us to offer a very competitive coverage and guarantee.

Our work is designed for groups, both in public and private spaces, so we do not consider our leisure projects to be a suitable solution for individual users.

However, we are open to listen to ideas and projects of all kinds, so if you are an individual user and want to have a playground, contact us for more information.

In Isaba we are committed to caring for the environment to generate the least possible impact on our surroundings. We innovate and seek new technologies, methods and systems that contribute to the achievement of our environmental commitments and those of our customers.

We focus on constantly improving the systems we incorporate in our water parks and playgrounds to achieve energy and water efficiency, such as the use of renewable energy sources in our projects or having different game management technologies to optimize the use and consumption.

Find out more about all our environmental commitments here.

The location and scale of the project are the main determinants of the licenses that will be required for its execution. Depending on the local and regional administrations of the municipality or community in which the project is located, some licenses or others will be necessary.

When devising a leisure project for any type of client, the first thing we must ascertain is whether or not it will be necessary to carry out civil works, and what type of civil works will be required in order to gather pertinent information and request the municipal licenses that are required to carry out the installations. Find out more information about all our environmental commitments here.

The size of the project and the product type determine the time required. A project that does not require a high degree of customization may need, from its conception to having it completely installed, between 2 or 3 months approximately.

A large project with a high degree of customization requires approximately between 6 to 9 months to complete.

These data are indicative as we advise, design, develop, manufacture and install the projects, so we have great flexibility and ability to adapt to the deadlines of our customers.

Contact us so that we can give you a personalized estimate of the development time of your leisure project.

It may be necessary depending on the type of project and it could even be beneficial to carry out civil works. When our clients are looking for small, fast installations and limited investment, we usually carry out small civil works.

In most of our projects we usually carry out civil works to achieve an even better result. We cover small leisure projects that require simple limited civil works, up to larger projects, which logically need a more complete civil works.

The investment for the creation and installation of an aquatic leisure project varies according to a wide variety of factors.

We must take into account the size and characteristics of the installation space, the objective of the project, if it requires civil works, a water quality system… and of course the type of solutions that we will include in the project.

From Isaba we adapt to our client’s budget, making each investment highly profitable. We are able to create larger projects with small budgets and epic projects with higher budgets.

Space is just one more factor, since at Isaba we adapt to each space and each client, working on leisure projects of all sizes and scales. We create large projects both in limited spaces and in large areas. We are capable of impressing any child or adult, whatever space is available.

Contact us and we’ll advise you on the solution that best suits you based on your needs and the available space.

The number of children playing at the same time depends largely on the size of the project and the play elements it includes. As a general approximation, in our leisure areas, between 2 and 3 children can play at the same time per m2, however, we can adapt any play area according to the space needs that the client requires.

First of all, it is essential to comply with existing regulations both at the level of product design and during the manufacturing and installation process of these elements. This is essential since covering and overseeing this entire process allows us to have the highest degree of control over safety in our leisure projects.

Although there are currently no mandatory regulations, we always design, manufacture and install according to the following regulations:

• EN 1176 Equipping of Play Areas and Surfaces.
• EN 13451 Equipping of Swimming Pools
• EN 1069 Water Slides.
• EN 1177 Play Area Surface.

We also have a Class III Slip resistance certificate for Water Play Area Surfaces.

In addition to complying with all regulations in each area of ​​the project, we use materials and technologies that provide a higher degree of safety in our installations, both in water and dry projects.

If you want additional information about the safety regulations we apply in our projects, visit our Resources page.

The amount of water and energy varies considerably depending on the size and products included in the project, but thanks to our technologies we are able to create highly efficient and sustainable play areas.

In our projects we always put the focus on hydraulic optimisation, seeking maximum efficiency. In aquatic leisure projects, the water is recirculated thanks to the system used, so that practically no water is lost, and the consumption of new water is minimal.

We also focus on the maximum optimisation of energy resources. In our projects, the only energy consumption comes from the pumps installed for the operation of the games, therefore consumption will be determined by the size and the number of pumps that are required in the play area with water.

If you want to know more about how we optimise resources in leisure projects, contact us! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

To guarantee the quality and safety of the water, it is necessary to have a Water Quality System that meets the established parameters and requirements.

If we reuse or install a Water Quality System that does not meet the necessary requirements, we can damage or impair its correct operation. That is why we always recommend that our team make a detailed study and follow our recommendations according to the needs of each project.

In the Resources ection there is additional information about our Water Quality Systems.

We design all our projects based on broad accessibility criteria, ensuring that all types of users can enjoy our leisure spaces, without limitations. Our goal is that all boys and girls, without exception, can enjoy free, dynamic and educational games in any of our spaces.

The solution that best meets these accessibility criteria are the Splashparks, which are fully accessible spaces since there is no fall height as all the elements are at ground level. In addition, the placement distance of all play elements is specially designed so that they can be easily accessed, even in a wheelchair.

To determine whether or not it’s necessary to have safety personnel, such as lifeguards, in water parks, there are different regulations in this regard, which vary depending on each local or regional authority.

Some of the factors that determine if the monitoring carried out by safety personnel will be necessary will be, among others, the depth of the pool (if any) and its size, the height of the play elements included in the project, etc.

Splashparks are an ideal solution since, since they don’t have any depth, therefore, generally, it is not necessary to have the constant presence of a lifeguard.

Contact us for additional information on the safety personnel required at a water park.