Waterpark Bahía Príncipe Tulum

Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulum (México)

Zamá Fun Area, a Comprehensive Project for Grand Tulum Bahía Príncipe

When we create spaces based on concepts, it produces a magical place. That’s Origen, the new concept that Bahia Principe Grand Tulum is launching, inspired by the nature, roots and origins of Mayan culture.

With them, we designed Zamá, a Mayan leisure space full of elements that evoke everything Origen represents.

Aquatic leisure area

Zamá has an aquatic leisure area, consisting of a Waterpark in which children will discover through water ancient Mayan ruins watched over by two large masks.

And the Splash Leaf, a little corner, symbol of nature, for the youngest children to enjoy and experience in a space where water is the star.

A Cenote to explore

A water jet river borders the Zamá jungle, calling you to adventure. To enter Tulum is also to discover its lands, caves and the underground rivers that run through them.

A space for flora and fauna where you’ll discover the mysteries of Zamá through play and water and all their forms.

An adventure jungle

Slides, zip lines, bridges and platforms make up this universe of adventures in the children’s park area. In the Zamá jungle the youngest children will discover the value of culture through play, archaeology, exploration and curiosity.

The Mexican iguana

The iguana is one of the most representative and iconic species in the history of Tulum.

When we go deeper into the Zamá jungle, we find the imposing iguana guarding the area. Children must prove their bravery to climb up it and become authentic explorers.

Meliá Sol Lanzarote (Lanzarote, Spain)

A forest to play with imagination

With Meliá Sol Lanzarote we worked on the design of a customised playground in which we created an authentic magical forest with elves and nature. A park with lots of new play elements devised for children aged 5 to 11 years, in which they have fun in distinctive surroundings to which they are not used and they create new play stories.

A park made mainly of wood, which generates that feeling of returning to nature; it has more than 400 m2 of fun. In this playground we played a lot with colour, both in the elements themselves and on the floor, to recreate paths, spaces, forests… Thus, we offer Meliá a distinctive children’s leisure area, which was made with them and their idea of children’s entertainment in mind.

Each element of the park is decorated to create this forest, but in turn it is also a game in itself. We have designed various structures with slides and walkways whose size is adapted to each age group. Around them are swings, playhouses and new adventure elements that work on the children’s balance, coordination and motor skills. Also a trampoline, a zip line…

On one side of the park there is a large hedge maze in which children can hide and discover infinite ways to go through it until they reach the exit.

Oh!tels San Salvador (Tarragona, Spain)

Fun from park to water

Oh!tels San Salvador is one of the hotels the chain decided to refurbish to add family leisure spaces that would reaffirm its commitment to this tourist market. Oh!tels water parks all share the same essence, which gives the chain its identity, while each project has elements that make it unique.

For this hotel, a heterogeneous space was created that combined play in water and on dry land, with a space that went from a playground to a shallow water park that became a splash pool.

The water park’s activator stands out; it’s an element to save on consumption and to increase the lifespan of the installation itself. When pressed, this activator starts the Splashpark games, and ensures it only operates while someone is enjoying it. This reduces energy consumption, loss of water, and it reduces the use of the elements in the installation when it is not necessary.

Splashpark. A shallow water park with a Mediterranean theme, following the style line we created for Oh!tels. In fact, it is a distinctive solution that combines a shallow area with a splash pool, which are continuous with one another. The whole space contains play elements such as boats, palm trees and cannon. Movement and interaction games.

Playground. The playground is a few metres from the water park. A natural environment, a forest through which children can climb, slide, overcome balance challenges, imagining their own adventures. A line made of wood, with decorative panels, a large central structure and games surrounding it.

This whole area leaves room for hammocks and the relaxation for parents, who are near their children during the game.

Oh!tels Villa Dorada (Tarragona, Spain)

The game with and without water

At Oh!tels Villa Dorada they sought to create areas aimed at children, always with a family space where the parents could be with their children spending time together. Moreover, they needed to create leisure solutions that were adaptable to the space they had, an uncommon space.

With them we worked in two areas: a Splashpark in the relaxation and bathing area; and a children’s playground in an open-air space next to the children’s mini club, to complement the outside game.

The shallow water park retained the marine aesthetic created for the chain’s leisure areas and was integrated into a larger bathing and relaxation area for children. The playground was made up of individual play elements, and shapes on the ground that created a path and a balance challenge.

Abora by Lopesan, water and multi-adventure park

Bespoke leisure line for Abora by Lopesan

Abora by Lopesan emerged as a new line of family hotels, and for their brand they needed to create a children’s leisure line that would make itself felt in all of Abora’s hotels.

For them, we created an aesthetic line of their own, according to a concept of nature, and with differentiated leisure solutions.

The first projects were installed at its Catarina, Buenaventura and Interclub Atlantic hotels.

Various Splashpark areas have been created in which we play with the colour and shapes of the floor, to make a space full of water elements and floor jets that the youngest children find striking.

Multi-adventure spaces with no end of game elements, covering all ages. From 6 to 18 years. Balance parks, jumping elements, hills to climb, slides and a playground in which children can imagine climbing up to the treetops.

It is complemented by several elements for the elderly, with adventure structures and calisthenics.