Legal disclaimer

Legal disclaimer is an Internet domain owned by “Isaba Projects, S.A.” with CIF (Companies Tax Code) No. A46371993, with registered office at Calle Argenters, s / n, CP. 46290 Alcàsser, Valencia, registered in the Companies Registry of Valencia, Volume 2027, Folio 79, Sheet 13378.

Isaba Projects, S.A. makes the web portal available to all users, under the following terms and conditions:

First. – Definition of user.
Access and / or use of the website grants the user the status of user thereof, thus accepting from then onwards and without reservation these General Terms and Conditions, notwithstanding the Specific Conditions that may be established by Isaba Projects, S.A. for the regulation of certain services and / or content.

If the user is a minor, s/he must first obtain permission from his / her parents, guardians or legal representatives, who shall be held responsible to all effects for all the acts performed by the minors under their responsibility.

Second. – User obligations.
The user agrees to use the website in accordance with the current legislation, in good faith, public order and under the generally accepted uses and customs.

Likewise, the user undertakes not to use the website for illegal or harmful purposes for the rights and / or interests of Isaba Projects, S.A. and / or of third parties, and not to cause damages or prevent the normal operation of the website.

Third. – Responsibility of the user.
The use made by the user of the website shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the latter, and shall in any case hold Isaba Projects, S.A. harmless from any damage and / or harm that may be caused directly or indirectly because of the non-observance of these General Terms and Conditions by the user itself or by third parties.

In this sense, Isaba Projects, S.A. reserves the right to deny access to and / or use the website or any of its contents and / or services, to any user who has breached these General Terms and Conditions.

Fourth. – Liability of Isaba Projects, S.A. The entity shall not be liable for damages and / or harm any nature that the user or a third party could suffer as a result of:

(i) a lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of the website, its services or its contents;

(ii) a lack of usefulness, truthfulness, adequacy or validity of the web, its services or its contents to meet the needs or expectations of the user;

(iii) a third party uses the website, its contents or services in breach of the established security measures established by Isaba Projects, S.A. for sending viruses, or makes an unauthorised processing of the data stored by Isaba Projects, S.A.

(iv) Neither, generally, any use of the website, its services and / or contents by the user or a third party, contravening the Conditions of access and use established by Isaba Projects, S.A.

Fifth. – Authorisation of use of the contents.
The contents that Isaba Projects, S.A. makes available to the user are protected by the corresponding intellectual property rights and have been legally assigned to the appropriate purposes by the corresponding owners thereof.

Isaba Projects, S.A. authorises the user to use them for the purposes expressly stated on the website or in these General Terms and Conditions, it being prohibited to reproduce, distribute, modify or make any public communication thereof in whole or in part, except for cases in which, upon request, Isaba Projects, S.A. accepts its reproduction.

Sixth. – Personal data processing
Isaba Projects, S.A. has established a Privacy Policy that regulates the collection, storage, treatment and use of personal data provided by the user to Isaba Projects, S.A. In this sense, the entity guarantees compliance with said policy which may be consulted by the user by accessing the Privacy Policy link appearing in the Information section.

Seventh. – Directory of Links.
The linking devices that Isaba Projects, S.A. makes available to the user are only intended to facilitate access to other content and / or services that may be of interest thereto, these not being managed or controlled by Isaba Projects, S.A.

Isaba Projects, S.A. shall not be directly or indirectly liable for the legality, truthfulness, utility, quality or reliability of the contents and / or services that are not directly managed or controlled by Isaba Projects, S.A. although they may be accessible through the website.

Eight. – Modification and cancellation of these Terms and Conditions.
Isaba Projects, S.A. reserves the right to totally or partially modify the website, its design, contents and / or services, in addition to these Terms and Conditions as deemed appropriate.

Likewise, Isaba Projects, S.A. reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or cancel the website or any of the contents and / or services comprising it, at its sole discretion.

Ninth. – Governing law ad dispute resolution
The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, accept the Spanish Law as guiding legislation of these Terms and Conditions, and for the resolution of any controversies or litigation that could result therefrom, they agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia.