Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres (Mexico)

A familiar space for a luxury resort

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort&Spa opened its complex with an Isaba water park consisting of Waterpark, iBaby and Splashpark. The hotel chain needed a leisure project for all the children who were to stay at their resort that would be of value to the families differential. In addition, they wanted this water park breathe the essence of the Caribbean, so it is clear inspired by the aesthetics of Caribbean houses.

The water park is located in a large pool of different depths that has three major elements for respond to the fun of all age segments.

Waterpark for the Elderly 6 years old

The Waterpark zone is designed for entertainment of children over 6 years old. It is a park with two stairs through which you can access five large slides, each different from the other. In addition, at the top, it has a bucket that continuously spills water. This whole platform is complemented by palm trees, flamingos and other figures with water jets. As it is a small pool depth, in order to increase the safety of the children, the slides are hydro-braked.

iBaby, fun and security for children from 2 to 6 years old

The intermediate zone consists of an iBaby with a slide adapted to children between the 2 to 6 years. A solution that Isaba created thinking specifically on them and on how to adapt the games of older for the little ones.

Splashpark, so that the little ones can play safe

Grand Palladium and Isaba also thought of the more small. A variation of Splashpark, was installed for them, i.e. elements typical of a splashpark in a swimming pool of splashing. Here different game elements are combined and water jets that allows a complete game safe and shallow.

Mungia public pool (Biscay, Spain)

They are commited to leisure to revitalise the swimming pools

Mungia was going to undergo the necessary refurbishment and upgrade to its swimming pools, and its main aim was to create a space that catered for children, young people and adults.

Therefore, we developed for them a project divided into three areas: a shallow one for the youngest children; a Water park for children; and slides for teenagers and adults.

The Splashpark, a shallow water park, has jets of water, cannon and other water games where the youngest children can experiment with water for the first time. In that space with its 100 m2 of game area we also include River Sense, an element that recreates the tributaries of a river descending from a waterfall, where the youngest children interact with the water and the water mills and other games.

The Water park, which is installed in a shallow pool, is the largest and most customised element. It recreates a Baserri: a type of house found in the north of Spain, mainly in the Basque Country and Navarre.

To complement this leisure option, the last area has four slides with different runs that offer an extra adrenaline rush and which lead to the deepest pool.

Thus, we managed to create a project based on the needs of the Council and the municipality:
– Distinctive leisure pools, which attract users to the installation.
– A project that identifies the municipality and its culture.
– Games and fun adapted to all ages.

Camping Solmar (Girona, Spain)

Camping SOLMAR

We created this authentic water park for Camping Solmar by taking inspiration from the authentic jungle. Their tourist complex had several swimming pools, for adults and children. However, they wanted to go a step further and offer the youngest children a fun attraction. Converting their pool into a water play area that would get their attention and permanently turn it into a space for them.

Moreover, it needed to combine in that same swimming pool play options for all ages. From its youngest audience to those who are almost teenagers enjoying their holidays at their campsite.

They had a splash pool, so we designed an option that would integrate three large types of games for the youngest children, older children and young people.

We designed a customised water park, with a great decoration based on the details and quantity of various water games: jets, cannon, palm trees… and the most striking thing of all, a bucket of water that we identified with the campsite’s image.

For the youngest children, solutions such as a mini slide in the area around the Water park, games incorporated into its exterior and more.

For the older ones, a structure with slides with different effects and a hydra braking system leading to the same pool.

Oh!tels Carabela (Huelva, Spain)

The calavera park

The chain’s hotel in Huelva, Oh!tels Carabela, is located in the beach area of Matalascañas. There, they wished to incorporate into the resort a good range of leisure options that would reach all ages: from children to adults.

They wished to retain the established aesthetic for the rest of the Oh!tels water park project, but with something completely different that would surprise families, even if they already knew other hotels in the chain.

Hence, we designed an aquatic park divided into two swimming pools. In the first, which is shallow, we created the Calavera water park. A large pirate’s skull guarding a treasure within: fun.

On the other hand, we created a large slide tower: up to 8 metres high, which fall into an adult swimming pool.

Slides aimed at older children and up, and which has become the most striking aspect of the hotel.

he Calavera water park is a structure at a height that represents a rather distinctive pirate boat. With a helm, cannon and even its own flag, each element is in the form of a game. From the park, and to return to the water, two slides adapted for the ages at which the park is aimed descend from the basins. It is aimed at children aged 5 to 9 years.

Water slides. A set of three completely different slides, both aesthetically and by type. A straight, open slide, in green colours. An open double slide to slide down accompanied by another person and in a variety of positions, completely white. An open, curved slide, with turns to the right and left, to generate more of a sensation of speed and pump the adrenaline. Those aged 8 years and up can slide down these.

Oh!tels Vila Romana (Tarragona, Spain)

Slip into the marine world

The water leisure project for Oh!Tels Vila Romana was designed in two contiguous areas, bearing in mind different age groups and types of fun. And it was designed to take maximum advantage of the space they had, a rectangle near the playground.

On the one hand, a water game area was devised for children aged 4 to 8 years, where they could be in continuous contact with the water and play with it.

On the other hand, thought was also given to older children with a two-slide structure, a more energetic, adrenaline-rich space.

Three slides: one multi-lane, one open and straight, and one open and curved; they all have a hydro-braking system since they lead to an open space without a swimming pool.

Very near the slides is the shallow area of this water park with a marine theme. In it, the various games are aimed at different age ranges, from the youngest, to the oldest, ending with a large bucket of water. The most striking detail is the whale, consisting of arches emerging from the water.