New Project: Occidental Jandía Mar Hotel (Fuerteventura)

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We present Barcy Water Park, the new water park at the Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar Hotel, located on the island of Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias. This project reinforces our commitment to offering a comprehensive leisure experience for the whole family, collaborating with group hotels to create fun and entertainment spaces.

These types of children and family leisure projects are essential for hotels, as they not only attract a larger number of visitors but also enrich the guest experience, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. Additionally, they contribute to the differentiation of the hotel in a competitive market, offering added value that turns every stay into a memorable adventure for the whole family.

Barcy Water Park guarantees fun for all hotel visitors, from the youngest to adults. This water park has been designed to provide endless entertainment, with facilities that offer a variety of activities for all ages and water heating, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

Park Facilities

Splash Park

The Splash Park is a shallow water play area. Suitable for children aged 0 to 5, it encourages manipulation, precise play, stimulates imagination, and promotes active play in a safe environment.



In Sotavento, children can enjoy a series of slides specifically designed for their size and age. Each slide offers unique twists and turns, providing a variety of thrills with each slide.

La Goleta

A safe and exciting space for the little ones. This pirate ship features a slide, water jets, and games in a shallow pool, ensuring fun and safety.



Located seven meters high, the Trio of Slides offers three distinct experiences:

Kamikaze Slide: For extreme acceleration.
Wide Slide: Perfect for sliding with friends.
Bodyslide: A long, winding course.


Each slide ends in a hydro-braking track, ensuring a safe arrival.

The Bubble

The ultimate challenge of Barcy Water Park is The Bubble. With a diameter of 5.50 meters, this attraction invites visitors of all ages to jump, climb, and slide to reach the top, promising fun and challenge in equal measure.


Strategic Value of the Project

In a highly competitive market, this type of facility significantly contributes to segmentation and specialization by types of audience in a large hotel (1,200 rooms) like the Barceló Occidental Jandía Mar, offering a unique added value to families while leaving the rest of the hotel’s pools to a more adult profile of guests.


Additionally, the strategic value of an investment of this nature is highly significant for numerous reasons. Learn about them in detail:

  1. Increased Occupancy and Profitability: The presence of a water park like Barcy Water Park translates to a greater attraction for families seeking entertainment options for their children. This can increase occupancy throughout the year and, consequently, improve the hotel’s profitability.
  2. Guest Loyalty: By providing unique and memorable experiences, guests are more likely to return. A well-designed and managed water park can be a key factor in repeat booking decisions, thus increasing the loyalty rate.
  3. Positive Word-of-Mouth and Reputation: Satisfied guests often share their positive experiences, both verbally and through online reviews and social media. This positive word-of-mouth strengthens the hotel’s reputation and can attract new potential customers.
  4. Longer Stays: Families tend to extend their stay when they have access to various activities and entertainment within the hotel.
  5. Additional Revenue: Leisure facilities like Barcy Water Park can generate additional revenue through ticket sales if the client decides to open it to the general public.

Inclusive and Adapted Design

Barcy Water Park has been designed to ensure the fun of all hotel visitors, from the youngest to adults, with facilities that offer a variety of activities for all ages and water heating that ensures comfort throughout the year. This inclusive and adapted approach reinforces our commitment to excellence in the guest experience.

Likewise, Barcy Water Park represents a strategic investment in the near future of the hotel, creating an environment where families can enjoy unforgettable moments that will attract new customers and reinforce the loyalty of existing ones, in addition to the hotel’s reputation.

Waterpark Bahía Príncipe Tulum

Bahía Príncipe Grand Tulum (México)

Zamá Fun Area, a Comprehensive Project for Grand Tulum Bahía Príncipe

When we create spaces based on concepts, it produces a magical place. That’s Origen, the new concept that Bahia Principe Grand Tulum is launching, inspired by the nature, roots and origins of Mayan culture.

With them, we designed Zamá, a Mayan leisure space full of elements that evoke everything Origen represents.

Aquatic leisure area

Zamá has an aquatic leisure area, consisting of a Waterpark in which children will discover through water ancient Mayan ruins watched over by two large masks.

And the Splash Leaf, a little corner, symbol of nature, for the youngest children to enjoy and experience in a space where water is the star.

A Cenote to explore

A water jet river borders the Zamá jungle, calling you to adventure. To enter Tulum is also to discover its lands, caves and the underground rivers that run through them.

A space for flora and fauna where you’ll discover the mysteries of Zamá through play and water and all their forms.

An adventure jungle

Slides, zip lines, bridges and platforms make up this universe of adventures in the children’s park area. In the Zamá jungle the youngest children will discover the value of culture through play, archaeology, exploration and curiosity.

The Mexican iguana

The iguana is one of the most representative and iconic species in the history of Tulum.

When we go deeper into the Zamá jungle, we find the imposing iguana guarding the area. Children must prove their bravery to climb up it and become authentic explorers.

Mungia public pool (Biscay, Spain)

They are commited to leisure to revitalise the swimming pools

Mungia was going to undergo the necessary refurbishment and upgrade to its swimming pools, and its main aim was to create a space that catered for children, young people and adults.

Therefore, we developed for them a project divided into three areas: a shallow one for the youngest children; a Water park for children; and slides for teenagers and adults.

The Splashpark, a shallow water park, has jets of water, cannon and other water games where the youngest children can experiment with water for the first time. In that space with its 100 m2 of game area we also include River Sense, an element that recreates the tributaries of a river descending from a waterfall, where the youngest children interact with the water and the water mills and other games.

The Water park, which is installed in a shallow pool, is the largest and most customised element. It recreates a Baserri: a type of house found in the north of Spain, mainly in the Basque Country and Navarre.

To complement this leisure option, the last area has four slides with different runs that offer an extra adrenaline rush and which lead to the deepest pool.

Thus, we managed to create a project based on the needs of the Council and the municipality:
– Distinctive leisure pools, which attract users to the installation.
– A project that identifies the municipality and its culture.
– Games and fun adapted to all ages.

Alcàsser sports centre (Valencia, Spain)

A different leisure space

We created a Splashpark space for the Alcàsser Sports Centre, seeking a family leisure space that would provide a distinctive form of fun for families and the youngest children. This project arose from the transformation of a splash pool into an accessible family leisure space with interactive games; its area is more than 110 m2.

It is a customised shallow water park that is highly reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with a little house (iBaby), a boat and various themed elements.

Moreover, an arc of water is sprayed throughout the space, various turtles that throw water and floor outlets. Each element creates a height and expels the water differently. Two lampposts, with buckets of water instead of lamps, create little gentle waterfalls every so often that catch children’s eye.

The Splashpark is customised on top of arranging game elements with the colours of the pavement.

The Council opted for a shallow water park, a leisure model that is different from the conventional swimming pool that guarantees greater safety for families, since it prevents drowning and related risks.

This Splashpark has a rubber safety floor that increases the user’s safety and well-being while enjoying the game. It is a cushioning solution that is pleasant to the touch, which is non-slip when wet and which prevents the appearance of bacteria due to moisture. This water park has its own hydraulic and purification system that recirculates the water every 30 minutes, thus guaranteeing that it is high-quality and healthy.

Moralzarzal council

The first splashpark in Madrid

Moralzarzal has become the only municipality in the entire Region of Madrid with a Splashpark.

The town wanted for a leisure space with water for the summer months. Especially for children. Its swimming pool in the sports centre was the only option to cool down in summer, but it forced adults and children to be together; besides, it was not a suitable space for the youngest children.

In the open air they had extensive natural land, the perfect place to build a shallow water park aesthetically integrated into the surroundings of the sierra and set up for all age groups to play.

A coexistence with nature that we reaffirm with a sustainably water quality system, in line with hydraulic efficiency criteria, energy saving and measures for responsible use.

We designed an almost 300 m2 action, in a space with organic shapes, which helped us to establish three areas with a different game: one for the smallest children, another, family area and, lastly, a more youth-oriented one.

The game elements and water attractions were customised to recreate the fauna and vegetation of the Madrid sierra. It includes in the large water bucket, the most striking thing in the park, the town’s coat of arms. A water park that is thus integrated into the environment, the geography and the identity of Moralzarzal.

Game activator

The fun doesn’t start until you press the activator, a system that causes water to beginning flowing out of the games and which ensures that the installation does not consume resources if there is nobody there to enjoy it.

A sign of being responsible with the environment.

Areas by ages

Children’s: a space for children from the age of one year, where the standout game is Flow Garden. A flower garden, water lilies and moving leaves, which allow children to control the flow of the water, how it flows out of the leaves and with which it has to be constantly interacting. Around them is a mini slide; and a great variety of floor jets, each with a different effect, so that the children learn to treat the water as an element.

Family: a space where families can be in the game with their children, in such a way that it is comfortable for them and where they will have to help each other. We achieved this with tall elements, with gentle falls, crossed water cannon, and more.

Young people’s: the young people’s area is notable for the water bucket, which pours 180 litres of water every few minutes. To reach it there is a large tunnel with water arches and powerful jets from the floor which will surprise you as they pass.


This Splashpark has many of its elements as sequenced games, such that the water flowing out of them creates a choreography.

This ensures the children move around the entire game area, it causes expectation and surprise.

Camping Bella Terra (Girona, Spain)

The Waikiki custom park action reflects Isaba’s philosophy is all about rather well

Creating places where children can let their imaginations run wild while never losing our commitment to play and psychosocial learning.

In this case, by representing a surfing and Hawaiian theme, which are so intimately related to the holiday period.

Eurocamping (Girona, Spain)

A project with its own identity

The decision to bet on this project was based on the need to respond to a real demand from children and young people who sought something more than modern, refurbished swimming pools.

Eurocamping has entrusted Isaba with the creation of this leisure area which has strengthened work-life balance at the campsite during the holidays. Moreover, the park is fully adapted to the installations and the environment, and it is highly interactive. We love it!

Hotel The Luxury Collection by Marriot (Cyprus)

Isaba's pirate ship runs aground at a luxury resort

The Luxury Collection hotel of the Starwood chain in Cyprus looks to pirates to entertain its youngest visitors. At Isaba we created for them a water leisure space featuring a large two-level Galleon, which the children will climb up to discover the water games it has inside it and go down its three slides towards the pool. Around the ship, the fun doesn’t stop, with other customised water games with pirates, animals and vegetation. A 157 m2 project with a ship that is more than 11 metres long.

The Galleon is an 11 metre-long ship that contains within it two levels. The children reach the inside of it through the stairs replete with water sprinklers. Once inside, they will discover games such as cannon, a helm and more jets of water, and find out how they work. Two tall masts let water fall, creating a curtain reminiscent of the effect of rain.

From the ship they will go down to the pool through three long slides. each of which is different. An open slide. a tube slide and, the most exciting of all, a spiral tube slide. Since it is a shallow pool, they have a final hydra braking system that reduces the child’s speed so that it stops before reaching the pool.

The fun doesn’t stop outside the boat. The pirates have gone out to explore the area and the children can find them. One of them forms a water dome and the other has a jet of water on each arm, besides forming a water carling under their legs.

Two tall elements like a flamingo, which is in fact a bucket of water that falls to the pool and a tree that allows water to fall throughout its treetop.

H10 Tindaya (Fuerteventura, Spain)

The marine world at H10 Tindaya

The aim of H10 Tindaya was to convert part of an area used for sports into a multi-generational water leisure space, which would bring together families and children of all ages.

We designed a Splashpark for them, a shallow water park, inspired by an island, its sea and its coast. A space broken down by the games into various age groups. From the youngest children to young people and adults, the games that make up the Splashpark increase in size and water flow rate.

Thus, the sea is a space with floor jets that gently reach a medium height, where the youngest children can interact with the water and discover the water’s reactions: for example, if they cover one outlet, they’ll see that the force at the rest of them increases.

Reaching the shore, they begin to find larger games and a greater water flow. Until they reach the beach and the interior of the island, which has large game elements, more water outlets and a large bucket that pours water over the Splashpark.

The installation has a water park activator, which the user presses to start the games. This allows you to save on consumption while nobody is enjoying the Splashpark and to reduce unnecessary use of the park’s games. An element that helps with the environmental sustainability of the water park.

Oh!tels San Salvador (Tarragona, Spain)

Fun from park to water

Oh!tels San Salvador is one of the hotels the chain decided to refurbish to add family leisure spaces that would reaffirm its commitment to this tourist market. Oh!tels water parks all share the same essence, which gives the chain its identity, while each project has elements that make it unique.

For this hotel, a heterogeneous space was created that combined play in water and on dry land, with a space that went from a playground to a shallow water park that became a splash pool.

The water park’s activator stands out; it’s an element to save on consumption and to increase the lifespan of the installation itself. When pressed, this activator starts the Splashpark games, and ensures it only operates while someone is enjoying it. This reduces energy consumption, loss of water, and it reduces the use of the elements in the installation when it is not necessary.

Splashpark. A shallow water park with a Mediterranean theme, following the style line we created for Oh!tels. In fact, it is a distinctive solution that combines a shallow area with a splash pool, which are continuous with one another. The whole space contains play elements such as boats, palm trees and cannon. Movement and interaction games.

Playground. The playground is a few metres from the water park. A natural environment, a forest through which children can climb, slide, overcome balance challenges, imagining their own adventures. A line made of wood, with decorative panels, a large central structure and games surrounding it.

This whole area leaves room for hammocks and the relaxation for parents, who are near their children during the game.