Camping Solmar (Girona, Spain)

Camping SOLMAR

We created this authentic water park for Camping Solmar by taking inspiration from the authentic jungle. Their tourist complex had several swimming pools, for adults and children. However, they wanted to go a step further and offer the youngest children a fun attraction. Converting their pool into a water play area that would get their attention and permanently turn it into a space for them.

Moreover, it needed to combine in that same swimming pool play options for all ages. From its youngest audience to those who are almost teenagers enjoying their holidays at their campsite.

They had a splash pool, so we designed an option that would integrate three large types of games for the youngest children, older children and young people.

We designed a customised water park, with a great decoration based on the details and quantity of various water games: jets, cannon, palm trees… and the most striking thing of all, a bucket of water that we identified with the campsite’s image.

For the youngest children, solutions such as a mini slide in the area around the Water park, games incorporated into its exterior and more.

For the older ones, a structure with slides with different effects and a hydra braking system leading to the same pool.

Water park

Swimming pool water games

Water slides


From 2 to 12 years old




Different play elements