• Innovative design team, engaged solely in the development and materialisation of new games.
  • Production based on the Lean method ensuring maximum efficiency in all phases of a project, from study and production to its implementation.
  • We have the most innovative elements in the leisure market, which allow us to carry out unique projects.


  • Production made with the best materials to offer an excellent service.
  • First water park manufacturer in Spain; we work on our projects so that they last long.


  • We listen and work hand in hand with our clients to achieve a unique project.
  • With our design team, we can make each project different.


Children’s Playground

Isaba’s business activity began as a result of proposals for children’s playgrounds for municipalities and resorts that barely had any leisure facilities. From the beginning, Isaba’s children’s playgrounds have been characterised by their innovative design and character. At present, Isaba’s children’s playground proposals consist in differentiating approaches for clients who wish to customise their common leisure spaces.

We create unique play spaces for our customers, combining all the existing leisure possibilities, both in terms of traditional games and new water leisure games.

Other solutions:

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