Why the Bubble

  • Exclusive product, totally differentiating and with a highly recreational value.
  • It offers great resistance to environmental conditions (contact with water and UV rays), due to the protective ‘Gel Coat’ layer incorporated in the vinyl surface.
  • The Bubble is removable, so when it is not used in winter, it can be disassembled and stored. The installation requires no building works.



The latest in leisure innovation for swimming pools.

The Bubble slide has been the greatest innovation in the water leisure sector in recent years, as it totally breaks with the classic elements of leisure in swimming pools as it was known until now. Given that the whole family can enjoy it and because of its differentiating nature, the Bubble is definitely a winner in all resorts, as it is a reliable way of streamlining water leisure spaces for all sectors.
The game involves reaching the top of the structure made of highly resistant vinyl, and then slipping through its surface simulating a slide. In addition, the dome is continuously cooled by water jets, which keeps the ride wet at all times enabling sliding. The design of the Bubble can be customised and produced in different sizes with different circumferences, heights and climbing anchors.

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